30 quick reasons to become a minimalist…more or less

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Minimalism is a huge movement in the blogosphere.

I think it’s a fantastic example of modern enlightenment, a group of thinkers that are questioning the structures of modern society in order to offer an alternative. Asking why we are obsessed with stuff, money, accumulation, houses, cars, clothes and a myriad of other ‘things’ that are keeping us from being free.

Three of my favourite blogs on the subject are Becoming Minimalist, Zen Habits and Be More With Less.

When you understand the concept deeply, you realise it’s not about white walls and minimal houses, it’s about a choice between living intentionally and unintentionally. Many people enter through the door of having less stuff, but soon find out it’s a bigger room than they thought. It’s a place full of freedom to be what they really want to be. A gateway to living that they’ve never been taught before.

So, here are my 30 quick reasons to become a minimalist, more or less…

More time
More space
More depth
More silence
More presence
More money
More gratitude
More reverence
More choice
More authenticity
More experiences
More fun
More family
More adventure
More life

Less stuff
Less debt
Less clutter
Less distractions
Less worries
Less wanting
Less cleaning
Less organising
Less shopping
Less work
Less pretence
Less noise
Less comparing
Less jealously
Less stress

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