I Want a Toy. I Want a Toy. I Want a Toy. I Want a Toy.

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Children and the art of affirmation.

We’ve all witnessed the toddler who pesters their parents to the point of distraction. The incessant demands for a toy from their favourite new film in the aisle of the shops. ‘I want one, I want one, I want one, I want one, I want one……’.

Children have no upper tolerance limit for repeating themselves over and over. They can say the same thing, without break, for as long as it takes to get a reaction from Mum and Dad. And it often becomes a shouting-style ‘ALRIGHT’!!

Now I’m not getting into a debate about entitled kids here, about kids having too many toys and the wasteful society we live in. That’s for another day, here I’m talking about the times you just give in and get them the toy.

Have you thought how perfectly they’ve mastered affirmation?

In the spiritual community we are all taught affirmation. The positive reinforcement of a message with such regularity that you attract what you desire, you become what you affirm and you are what you think about.

If you find this a tough practice, just remember you mastered it many years ago.

Maybe you just need to piss off the universe so much, that it gives in and gets you the new toy.

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